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Beauty is…PHILOSOPHY Time In A Bottle™ For Eyes

Fall is approaching and with it; an upgrade on my skincare is needed. Besides collecting face masks and lip balms, one of my favorite products are eye creams.

PHILOSOPHY Time In A Bottle™ For Eyes: A daily age-defying serum that brightens, tightens, and smooths the appearance of the delicate eye contour. Fused with a renewal complex that helps promote skin’s natural and protection processes; while an antioxidant repair complex helps provide powerful antioxidant protection.

The formula is enriched with Endonuclease, Glycosidase, and Alkyl Transferase: DNA repair enzymes that support the skin’s natural repair processes and fight aging at the source.

Ginko Leaf Extract and Caffeine: Support surface circulation to provide extra benefits against dark circles and puffiness.

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate): Helps prevent future damage.

Carnosine peptide works with vitamin C to help prevent and correct the appearance of multiple signs of aging.

The result has been pretty good as I’ve seen the difference after using it for several weeks - a fresh and youthful-looking eye area.

Grooming is…PHILOSOPHY the common man extra-comfort shaving cream

An extra-comfort men’s skin care shaving cream that is formulated to make shaving more tolerable.

The formula contains a topical anesthetic for a slight numbing sensation; which acts as a skin freshener. Vitamin E Acetate work as an antioxidant and emollient properties. Natural oils soothe, moisturize, and calm the skin while shaving. Recommended for sensitive skin.

It’s time to shave boys…leave the beard days behind.

Clean face is PHILOSOPHY: The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

A mild, exfoliating facial cleanser designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. It’s gentle enough to use daily, this unique formula is sulfate-free and formulated with ingredients to replenish and protect the skin with topical antioxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level.

Apply to slightly damp face and massage for thirty to sixty seconds.
Rinse thoroughly. I personally use it twice a week but it can be used daily in the morning and evening.

Clean up and leave old days behind…

A promise that can be kept.
PHILOSOPHY - Full Of Promise™ Treatment Duo

A treatment duo that supports natural collagen and facial contours for uplifting days and volumizing nights.

Fascinated by the all-in-one container from morning to night; this dynamic pair follows skin’s natural rhythms to restore a youthful, sculpted appearance. The daytime serum is formulated with peptides, extracts of rye seeds, and kigeli—a rare bio-active fruit—guaranteeing an instant tightening sensation and visible lift. In the evening, I apply the volumizing nighttime serum, a blend of kigelia and Philosophy’s exclusive high-performance retinoid, known for its ability to support natural collagen and address multiple signs of aging.

The result: defined facial contours, a healthy lift, and a more youthful look revealed. Who doesn’t want that?!

Pore-less days! My PHILOSOPHY: Total Matteness Oil-Free, Mattifying Pore Eraser.

A serum designed to instantly refine the appearance of pores and improve the look of pores over time.

I’m obsessed with having flawless skin and this serum really visibly reduces the size and appearance of pores. It features Lentil seed extract: helps support the pore wall - making pores less apparent. Salicylic acid: helps remove build-up of dead cells around the pore wall - brightening their darkened appearance. Natural bamboo extract: helps absorb excess oil and control shine for a soft-touch finish.

I use it in the morning as my only skincare treatment (when hot and humid out) and overlay SPF loose powder - it can also be applied at night if desired. Ensure to clean and dry the skin before application.

An oil-free solution to keep the best face forward.

More posts to come.


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Anonymous said: Hey there. Don't have a tumblr account as yet and, therefore, cannot login. It's Greg from Ottawa :) I was trying to recall the eye cream you mentioned that is just MAGIC when refrigerated. Would not expect a direct response but hopefully you'll share it here ;) Post-vacation/back to work eye bags need to be de-puffed. Ciao. Greg Perry, Ottawa.

Hi Greg,

Nice to hear from you. How are things? So if your concern is puffy eyes, then try out FRESH Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream (keep it in the fridge). However, if you are more concern with dark circles, crow’s feet and anti-aging then I’d recommend FRESH Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate (you can also keep in the fridge) or Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential. If you are more of a night treatment type of guy then use the Estée Lauder Advances Night Repair Eye. These products have really worked for me and I’d recommend to anyone.


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