Feel like your forehead is shining like a chrome bumper? Follow this simple skincare routine

Great tips for a healthy-looking skin!

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Anonymous said: Hey there. Don't have a tumblr account as yet and, therefore, cannot login. It's Greg from Ottawa :) I was trying to recall the eye cream you mentioned that is just MAGIC when refrigerated. Would not expect a direct response but hopefully you'll share it here ;) Post-vacation/back to work eye bags need to be de-puffed. Ciao. Greg Perry, Ottawa.

Hi Greg,

Nice to hear from you. How are things? So if your concern is puffy eyes, then try out FRESH Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream (keep it in the fridge). However, if you are more concern with dark circles, crow’s feet and anti-aging then I’d recommend FRESH Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate (you can also keep in the fridge) or Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential. If you are more of a night treatment type of guy then use the Estée Lauder Advances Night Repair Eye. These products have really worked for me and I’d recommend to anyone.


The Male Skin turned 3 today!

Performance Remedy™ Turbo Wash™ Energizing Cleanser For Hair & Body.

It was my birthday several months ago and Sephora was giving it away to their loyal fans. I was really happy to get it. Not to mention how much I love the Jack Black products - thank you!

I’ve been using it after my workout and I’m not in too much pain the morning after.

This energizing two-in-one cleanser jump-starts the body, awakens the mind, and helps revitalize the immune system - to facilitate peak performance. The formula has awesome ingredients that help get the job done.

Rosemary and Eucalyptus: help naturally support immunity by reducing bacteria on the skin’s surface and work as decongestants to aid breathing.

Juniper berry: assists in post-workout recovery, helping to eliminate lactic acid build-up in muscles.

Just in case, below is the how-to:
Generously lather Turbo Wash on hair and body. Allow aromatic essential oils to fill the shower.
Use a netted sponge or washcloth for maximum lather. Avoid eye contact. If product enters eyes, rinse with water. Yeah, it is as easy as that!

It was the present ever!!

Go bare anywhere! I believe that less is more and that effortless-looking skin it’s rather beautiful.

M•A•C Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose:

Enhanced with a color-correcting formula, this loose powder it’s oil and fragrance free which applies transparently while smoothing away the appearance of lines and imperfections. It’s velvety and weightless feel reduces shine and keeps skin looking matte for at least several hours.

It comes in 4 different shades of loose and pressed powder (compact) depending on the concern and skin tone:

Illuminate: sheer pastel lavender that helps light up a sallow and unevenly pigmented connexion.

Neutralize: soft banana yellow that helps neutralize the look of slightly redder skin.

Adjust: muted peachy beige that warms up any dull complexion

Recharge: deep peach that helps correct and conceal the appearance of blue/purple, and warms up olive/yellow deeper skin tones.

I chose *M•A•C Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose/Neutralize as I have a red skin undertone - go figure, I’m a pasty Latino. I personally prefer loose powder over pressed powder because I think it’s less obvious when I wear it…really, no one can tell. For better application I use the Tom Ford Cheek Brush.

What’s so cool about this product its the main ingredients:
Zinc Sterate: an anti-caking agent.

Combination of Silica and Mica: acts as as special optic for discussion and reflection.

Zea Mays (Corn) Starch: a natural absorbant.

I use it on my bare/moisturized skin most of the time. During the summer when I want to keep my skin regimen to a minimum and after applying a toner and the M•A•C Prep+Prime Skin Redefine Zone; I apply this powder and buff it over the skin to minimize shine and create a matte complexion.

An enhanced and perfected skin tone…why not?!?

*The image shown on this post its with old packaging.

JoMalone Pomegranate Noir Diffuser - Home Sweet Home scent update.

Panda eyes aren’t a good look for humans. While dark circles are hard to get rid of and with so much out there, it’s rather overwhelming to find the right eye cream to use. Well I can make it easier for you…

Dior Capture Totale One Eyes Essential:

This eye zone boosting super serum detoxifies, regenerates, and reinforces the eye contour to prevent the reappearance of visible signs of aging and fatigue including dark circles and puffiness.

The formula contains Alpha Longoza Complex: a powerful, patented complex based on the plant extract Longoza plus 9 anti-aging ingredients that work on 20 biological youth markers to reverse the signs of aging.

Make it simple…Take 1 or 2 pumps of Eyes Essential on the tip of index finger and apply to the eye contour area morning and/or evening.

Seriously…leave the patched eyes to pandas - they rock it better!

A Mask with the King of Flowers - Peony.

FRESH - Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask: replenishes and preserves hydration for at least 24 hours while promoting suppleness, and smooth skin texture.

This is a highly concentrated overnight treatment formula with a brightening complex derived from peony, licorice root extracts, vitamin C glucoside, and cucumber extract.

I use it twice a week. Ingredients that make this mask amazing:
Brightening Complex: derived from peony and licorice root extracts and vitamin C glucoside (proven to reduce and prevent the appearance of dark spots and even skin tone). Amino Acids: Help to visibly firm and smooth wrinkles.
Cucumber Extract: Notable for its hydrating and calming properties.

Waking up to youthful-looking, luminous skin it’s as easy as that.

My new skincare addition - excited to try them out.

Age-defying without limits. I was perplexed to have received in the mail a product before launch. As a big fan of fresh - not to mention my obsession with anti-aging products - this was the best surprise ever!

After using the FRESH Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy for several weeks (day and night); I noticed my lips have been softer, more hydrated, and younger-looking.

This ultimate age-defying treatment has visibly smoothen fine lines and provide more definition to my lips.

I feel that lips are an important aspect of one’s overall presentation and taking care of them should be as imperative as everything else. As Lev Glazman (fresh co-founder) said “You have to treat your lips the same way you treat your eyes…” When he first launched the Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment.

This is a product I’d continue to use. I love its consistency - a serum that isn’t too liquidy or too thick - a dispenser that makes it easy to pump just the right amount. A little goes along the way. I prefer to using it before putting on lip balm but it can be used on it’s own of desired.

Retails for $35 - get yours: